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Entry Qualification

Entry Qualification DIAHC 2020
Horse should have qualified in one of the following ways (Yearlings required qualifications):
1st to 5th place in all ECAHO Title Shows & Scottsdale
1st to 5th place in all ECAHO (A) Shows, Las Vegas & Brazil.
1st to 3rd place in any National Championship in any country.
1st to 3rd place in all ECAHO (B) Shows, US Regional, South Africa, Australia.
1st to 3rd in all ECAHO (C) Shows & any Local Show in any country.
1st place in Abu Dhabi EAHS National Show.
All Horses should be qualified not before 2019.
Gold & Silver Champions in (A) Shows & Title Shows or similar can be accepted from January 2018.
DIAHC Higher Organising Committee has the right to enter any horse unconditionally after the approval of committee’s members. 

Late entry upon due to closing date ( only 5 days after closing date) is subject to approval of DIAHC committee’s members and late entry fee AED 5 000.
A copy of the vaccination identity record and registration certificate/Equine passport has to be sent together along with entry form.
Entry Fee: AED 2 000 per horse to be paid immediately within 3 days after DIAHC confirmation.

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